PH Series - Extruded Heatless Dryers

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Advanced energy management for lowest operating costs

High-quality, high-efficient desiccant selected for the right application

Spring-loaded cartridges, minimizing the risk of crushed desiccant

Counter-current regeneration for optimal energy efficiency and guaranteed dry air

Designed for transportability & mountability

Low noise levels while purging

High reliability and robust design

A stable dew point with our desiccant dryers

Incorporating high-quality components, PH heatless adsorption dryers provide you with clean, dry air to extend the life of your equipment  and  products.  Heatless  adsorption  dryers  use  dry, expanded purge air to remove moisture from the desiccant material.

PH adsorption dryers are -depending on the model - capable of drying air to a pressure dew point (PDP) of either  -20°C/-3°F, -40°C/-40°F or even -70°C/-94°F, simply by reducing the flow, thanks to the use of carefully selected molecular sieves The desiccant is housed in a robust extruded aluminum body, which can operate until 16  barg/232  psig  (fatigue  load). The  dryers can be installed vertically and can also be wall-mounted with a specially designed wall-mounting kit (optional).

The controller ensures the lowest operational costs thanks to compressor synchronization and the optional PDP control. LED’s on the controller indicate whether power supply is connected, towers  are  pressurized  and  solenoids  are  functioning  properly. It also provides with preventive maintenance information Alarms can also be triggered remote thanks to the available voltage-free contact.

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PH Series - Extruded Heatless Dryers

Ideal for limited investment, high humidity environments, with a load time below four hours