TD Timer Drains

Automatic discharge of condensate in pre-set time intervalls

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Guaranteed reliability

  • Robust solenoid, made in Europe
  • Integrated Y-filter to prevent dirt from entering the valve
  • Large cross-section openings
  • Endless flexibility

  • No limitations in air flow
  • Cycle and valve opening intervals can be set independently of each other
  • IP65 enclosure

    Transparency of operation

  • Test button and operation indicator
  • TD condensate drains discharge the condensate automatically, based on pre-set time intervals. The opening and closing times can be set with high flexibility, which make the drains suitable for almost all capacities. TD drains are selected in heavy-duty operations, where large cross-sectional opening and simplicity of drain are highly valued. High-pressure TD drains are available on request.


    Technical specifications

    Pressure range


    0-16 barg/ 0-232 psig

    Supply voltage


    24VAC 50/60Hz & 230VAC 50/60Hz (CE)

    Electrical connection



    Inlet/outlet connections

    G ½” (CE)

    NPT ½” (UL)

    Environmental protection



    Max. compressor capacity


    No limit

    Min/Max operating temperature


    1-50°C/ 34-122°F

    Timer cycle


    On: 0,5 – 10 s; Off: 0,5 – 45 min. including test feature

    Valve type


    2/2 direct acting

    Valve orifice


    4.5 mm- 0,177”

    Valve seal




    Lösungen für Abscheidung, Ablassen, Erfassung und Aufbereitung von ölhaltigem Kondensat