Are gas cylinders my only option for nitrogen?

Cylinders are SO last season. Save time, money and energy.

Problem: Are Gas Cylinders my only option to get Nitrogen into my shop?

Answer: The simple and satisfying answer is yes, however the realistic answer is a big NO. There are more options available than gas cylinders.

Nitrogen is a common gas that is seen in a variety of industries and perfect for different functions. From food and beverage to multiple manufacturing applications, nitrogen gas has many uses. Having an on-site nitrogen generator can save you downtime, keep production going and actually save you money.

Did You Know?

- At least 10% of gas is left in high-pressure cylinder bottles. They can never be completely empty. - Have you thought about the large floor space needed to store those gas cylinders? - Frequent stopping when changing from one cylinder to another. That's the stop of production to change those tanks.

What are the advantages of on-site gas generation?

  • Around the clock availability: Gases are non-stop available 
  • Lower operational costs: no rental charges, transport expenses and evaporation losses 
  • No safety hazards when handling high-pressure cylinders 
  • Easy integration within existing compressed air installations 
  • The right purity for the right application 
  • Returns on investment often less than two years
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