How Can I Ensure Constant Air Pressure from my Compressed Air System?

Problem: I use multiple air compressors in a production facility. I need constant, stable air pressure for our processes, but I am finding that the pressure can fluctuate from time to time. What can I do?

Solution: One of the simplest ways to create stable compressed air pressure is by using a Pneumatech ConservAIR Flow Controller. ConservAIR controllers monitor air pressure as it is delivered to production and releases air from the air tank as needed to maintain a continuous, stable air pressure supply. By doing so, this reduces energy consumption from the compressor room, reduces waste from leaks and gives the steady air pressure needed for most manufacturing and production based operations. 

The most popular of the ConservAIR products, the S Series, uses unique multiple parallel configuration to accurately control the flow of compressed air throughout the entire production facility. As a result, compressor on-line HP is reduced, which results in better air pressure and also significant energy savings. Features of the popular S Series include:

  • Flanged connections
  • Consists of multiple circuit parallels, meaning active control is achieved without the use of expensive proportiona-integral-derivative (PID) controllers
  • Liquid filled industrial pressure gauges installed on the inlet and discharge headers accurate within 1%
  • Monitors system flow dynamics ensuring adequate supply of air for production
  • Pre-packaged and ready for installation
  • Pressure tested and thoroughly checked for leaks after fabrication
  • Return on investment often 18 months or less including soft costs

The S Series offers models that can handle from 150-3000 scfm. There is also a higher flow SPD Series that can handle from 850-9000 scfm for larger flow requirements.

If you have any questions about how to stabilize your compressed air pressure with a flow controller, Contact Us. You can also browse Pneumatech's lines of flow controllers HERE.