How Can I Produce High-Quality Breathing Air and Save on Energy Costs?

Problem: I need a breathing air system for my business, but I want to make sure my energy costs aren't going to increase. What can I do to keep costs down?

Solution: Pneumatech's Breathing Air Purifiers are built to provide high-quality breathing air while running efficiently to keep energy costs down. The BA Series offers advanced energy management for low operating costs.

How does the BA Series help you save on energy?

  • Compressor synchronization
  • Purge nozzle optimization
  • PDP control - Dew Point switching

Sync your air compressor to the breathing air purifier to ensure that both units are running or not running when needed. Purge nozzle optimization helps reduce the amount of air waste, and PDP control changes dew points as needed depending on the environment and current ambient conditions. 

The BA Series also offers best-in-class performance thanks to unique valve and exhaust design (patent pending), lowest pressure drop during drying and lowest purge loss by ensuring maximum purge air expansion during regeneration.

Specially engineered valve manifolds includes the pilot air controlled 3/2 valves with reliable and fast switching helps to reduce the pressure drop to a minimum. This does not only result in a low-pressure drop over the dryer, but also ensures maximum purge air expansion during regeneration. That lowers the purge air consumption drastically. The gas sensors are available as an option to optimize the system further. The possibility to connect the signals to the PureLogic Controller offers optimal control and monitoring.