How Can I Remove Bulk Water From My Compressed Air System?

Problem: My compressor operates in a hot climate. When the aftercooler cools down the compressed air, there is a large amount of bulk water. What can I do in addition to opening the drain on my compressor?

Pneumatech: If you are using an air dryer downstream of the compressor, it will remove water vapor, but you may still have some unwanted bulk water. Pneumatech's new Ultimate Water Separators combine proven centrifugal technology with a new forward thinking housing design to deliver market leading water removal efficiencies. This eliminates 99% of the bulk water with continuously low differential pressure.

The Ultimate Water Separator is placed downstream of the compressor and requires no replacement components, making it cost effective for water removal. Because it operates with consistently low differential pressure, energy costs are also reduced. The custom engineered centrifugal module features unique vanes to eliminate points of low efficiency, and a vortex arrestor to stop re-entrainment – ensuring minimal operating pressure loss and maintaining excellent liquid removal, even at low velocity. The water separators are painted using a special electrophoretic paint and then coated in a polyester powder coating to prevent corrosion.

Why do I need to remove the bulk water?

If you allow water to sit inside of your compressor, or get transferred through your air lines to other equipment, you could be looking at costly repairs. Not only will the water build up inside of the compressor, causing machine failure, but transferring water through your lines to other equipment can cause corrosion, rust, electrical issues and the breakdown of even more equipment. 

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