How Do I Know Which Dryer is Right for my Air Compressor?

Problem: I need an air dryer for my compressor, but I don't know which type or size I need.

Solution: Pneumatech offers multiple dryer sizes and types to fit any small or large application. However, choosing a dryer for your compressed air application can be difficult if you aren't familiar with how dryer sizing works.

In order to determine the dryer you need for your compressor, first you will need the HP size and cfm flow rate of your air compressor. For the majority of compressed air applications, refrigerated dryers are used in conjunction with an aftercooler and filters to dry the air. The below chart shows what size dryer you would need based on the HP and CFM of your air compressor:

Refrig Dryer Sizing Chart

Refrigerated Dryer Sizing Chart

For higher cfm flows and dew points under -40° F, a desiccant dryer should be used. Desiccant dryers area ideal in areas with very cold temperatures and also for applications that need higher air quality. These dryers have the ability to remove moisture and contaminants at a higher level than refrigerated dryers. The CFM on your desiccant dryer would also align with the chart referenced above.

Additional Drying

In addition to your air dryer, there are a few other parts/accessories that can be used to prolong the use of your equipment and create higher quality air.

  • Install a water separator before the dryer (many rotary screw compressors have this as a standard line item).
  • Install a pre filter before the dryer (many dryers extend their warranty with a pre-filter purchased with the dryer).
  • Install a post filter after the dryer (this helps remove any oil and a coalescing filters best at the coldest point).

To browse Pneumatech's dryers, click HERE. Need help sizing your dryer? Contact Us for advice on choosing the right dryer for you.