How Can I Prevent Moisture from Forming in my Machine Actuators?

Problem: I work in a brewery in a cold climate and condensation is forming in our bottling line actuators. How can we prevent this?

Solution: In order to prevent condensation or moisture forming in equipment that is downstream of an air compressor, an air dryer is needed. For cold climates especially and when very clean, dry air is needed, a dessicant dryer is an ideal solution.

A desiccant or adsorption dryer uses desiccant material to adsorb and remove the humidity from compressed air. With this method, a pressure dew point as low as -100 °F can be reached. A desiccant dryer should be used when the ambient temperature goes below freezing point, to avoid ice forming in pipes and applications. These units are ideal for cold climates and for applications where moisture can be detrimental to business operation.

Pneumatech's innovative desiccant dryers give customers efficient protection against the presence of any humidity in the air, which often is the source of: 

  • Corrosion, pollution and leakage of pipes
  • Decreased efficiency of equipment/tools
  • Freezing of water in pipes

Pneumatech offers 3 types of desiccant dryers that are used in various application: heatless, heated and blower purge.

PH Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Incorporating high-quality components, PH heatless desiccant dryers provide you with clean, dry air to extend the life of your equipment and products. Heatless desiccant dryers use the compressed air to remove any moisture from the desiccant material.

  • Long contact time, low bed velocity, minimal leakage
  • High-reliability and robust design
  • Low noise levels when purging

PB Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

Delivering superior performance and durability along with exceptional drying power, Pneumatech’s blower purge dryers add extra value to your operation by conserving compressed air and extending desiccant life. Blower purge means that ambient air is used for the regenerative process, which reduces your energy bill.

  • Pressure dew point down to -40°F
  • Only slight dew point spikes at tower switch-over
  • Minimal air loss during polishing cycle

PE Heated Desiccant Dryers

With distinctive, patented technological innovations and energy saving capabilities, Pneumatech’s PE heated desiccant dryers provide efficient solutions to meet the needs of any customer application. Heated desiccant means that the towers are heated up to reduce the amount of purge air used for regenerating the desiccant.

  • Pressure dew point down to -40°F
  • Low purge rate: 7%
  • Low kW heating system

You can browse Pneumatech's desiccant dryer product offering HERE. Need help deciding which desiccant dryer type is best for your application? Contact Us today.