What Are the Advantages of Having a Breathing Air Solution for My Business?

Problem: I often have various employees using a paint booth throughout the day. They may need some type of breathing solution to use while in the paint booth.

Solution: Pneumatech's Breathing Air Purifiers are an all-in-one solution for high-quality, breathing air for a variety of applications.  Various sizes are available to pair with any size compressor for any job in need of breathing air.

Safety is the #1 Advantage

The biggest advantage to having a breathing air solution on-site is safety. In addition to having a properly ventilated paint booth, having a proper breathing air supply is crucial to the safety and comfort of your employees. Pneumatech's Breathing Air Purifiers can easily provide breathing air in accordance with OSHA, CSA, CGA and ANSI, including the grade D breathing air that is required by OSHA for paint booths and sandblasting operations. The air is passed through a special 7-stage filtration process and removes moisture, solid particles, oil aerosols, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors. These units can be sized to fit any sized air compressor for any scope of application.

If you are working in a paint booth, sandblasting, removing asbestos or any other hazardous job that involves breathing in contaminates, working without a proper breathing air supply is typically against safety regulations and is very unsafe. Breathing in these contaminates can result in life-long disabilities or even death. Providing your employees with a proper breathing air supply during specific jobs is ideal for the safety of your employees and for the longevity of your business.

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