Why is My Desiccant Dryer Not Working?

Problem: My desiccant dryer is allowing moisture and contaminates into the lines after the dryer. How can I troubleshoot to find the cause?

Solution: To prevent an immediate maintenance call for your desiccant dryer, there are some common steps you can take to try and determine the cause of your dryer not functioning. Before making the expensive service call, it is important to check on the following:

  • Dryer Size - Is your dryer the proper size? Is it possibly too large or too small for your application? Your desiccant dryer should always be slightly oversized to prepare for potential worst-case conditions, but a dryer too large will not perform efficiently and can cut into your ROI. A dryer too small will not be able to handle and dry the air.
  • Filters - Check to make sure your filters aren't too old or have become clogged or cracked. Non-functioning filters can allow contaminates to leak into your air stream.
  • Dew Point Controls - Make sure you regularly calibrate the dew point sensors on your dryer. These sensors can sometimes become contaminated or out of calibration.
  • Monitor Hours - Monitor the hours that your dryer is running and functioning. Comparing these hours on a weekly basis can help you determine when something has gone wrong to assess the issue quickly.
  • Check Purge Adjustment & Mufflers - The purge adjustment can alter over time, so make sure to check this regularly so it doesn't cause a malfunction. The purge mufflers can also become clogged or plugged causing the desiccant to not completely dry.
  • No Free Water - Make sure to keep large amounts of free water from entering the dryer. Dryers are designed to pull condensate and humidity from compressed air - not large volumes of water.
  • Maintain & Regularly Check Valves - Malfunctioning or leaking valves can also cause free water to enter the unit resulting in incomplete desiccant regeneration or worse. Always check valves for proper functions and no leaks.

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