Why should I Use Nitrogen Instead of Oxygen to Inflate my Customer's Tires?

Problem: I have heard of nitrogen being used to inflate tires instead of regular oxygen, but what is the difference?

Solution: Nitrogen is used in the automotive industry for a number of applications, including inflating tires.

Nitrogen is beneficial, especially in motorsports, because nitrogen is less likely to move through the tire rubber than oxygen is, meaning that your tire will hold its' pressure longer than if you filled it with regular oxygen or air. Temperature does not affect nitrogen-filled tires as much as oxygen filled tires. Because of this reason, nitrogen-filled tires tend to exhibit a smoother ride. 

Using compressed air inside of your tires also pushes moisture and water vapor inside of the tire which will aid in its' deterioration over time. If you use nitrogen to inflate the tire, the nitrogen will be dry and free of any water vapor or potentially harming moisture. Nitrogen is also more expensive than oxygen, which means you can sell the nitrogen as a premium product which adds to your shop's ROI.

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