PNL Series - No Air Loss Drains

We realize that the ever increasing price of energy will become the heaviest burden to bear for all industries in the very near future, if it hasn't become so already.

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PNL No Air Loss Drains

Did you know that - in many cases- your customers are simply not making the profit they should due to leaks in their compressed air transport system.

Pneumatech's No Air Loss Drain is the industrial standard for reliable condensate management with superior quality and perhaps the simplest and most cost effective way to prevent wasting tremendous amount of energy. Using the ONLY & TRUE zero air loss drain on the market provides several distinct advantages over the competition.

Features & Benefits

  • No unnecessary loss of compressed air

  • Discharge adapts to condensate quantity

  • Sensor registers every type of condensate

  • Unaffected by dirt

  • Low maintenance

  • Fully automatic monitoring

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