HP PF Series - High Pressure Air Filters

Pneumatech offers high pressure filters for any high pressure compressed air system.

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High Pressure Filters

The new Pneumatech high pressure filter has been developed in close cooperation with our customers. The high pressure filters are used in many customer applications such as: laser cutting, PET bottling, pressure testing of components, high pressure die casting, foundry cooling, seismic exploration, autoclave and diving applications.

The high pressure filters are available in 3 pressure ranges: the 725 psi(g) range is available in both aluminum and stainless steel housings. As the performance of both filters is the same, the choice between the 2 can be made based on the customer's preference. The 1450 and 5000 psi(g) filters are both available in stainless steel housings. Our aluminum and stainless steel housings are designed to withstand operational pressures of 725, 1450 and 5000 psi(g). We have verified this in the design phase but we also perform a hydrostatic pressure test for every filter that leaves production.

The hydrostatic test certificate that is supplied with every filter proves that the filter is performing according to the right specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum contaminant removal using highly efficient glass fiber and fleece media
  • Optimal design and filter media allow low pressure losses, increasing energy savings and limited system operating costs
  • High-performance aluminum or stainless steel housings to withstand high operational pressures
  • Double O-rings and epoxy-sealed element caps eliminate any leakage risks

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