Pneumatech General Industry Applications

Compressed air is a safe and reliable power source for a variety of industrial applications. Approximately 70% of companies use compressed air in some areas. Along with using compressed air, most industrial facilities also need some type of air treatment.

Dryers and Condensate Management

Both refrigerated and desiccant dryers are needed in many industrial applications to produce/protect final products, as well as to protect much of the pneumatic equipment that is used in many industrial facilities. Food/beverage packaging and manufacturing companies use dryers to prevent their actuators and assembly machinery from rusting or collecting moisture in the lines that prevents clean compressed air from flowing. Dryers are also used in textiles to keep fabrics free of moisture and to aid in the texture of produced products. Many electronics manufacturers need high levels of dry air so that humidity will not transfer over to the production of computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. These same industries often use moisture separators, oil-water separators and aftercoolers to further aid in the drying process, as well as removal of contaminants from any compressed air flow. Dust, dirt or other small particles are present in compressed air until they are removed by using filters, separators and mist eliminators.

Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators

Nitrogen gas use is also prevalent in many industrial applications. Metal manufacturers use high purity nitrogen gas with their laser equipment to cut metal and steel. Nitrogen is used in coffee manufacturing to preserve flavor and give a longer shelf-life to the finished product, and is often used in other food manufacturing applications for packaging and preservation. Breweries use nitrogen as an alternative to carbon dioxide as it gives different textures and flavors to different brews. To reduce cost and become more energy efficient, these industries bring nitrogen generators on-site to have a readily available supply and to be able to better monitor and control their purity levels. Pneumatech's oxygen generators are also used in a variety of applications that need 90-95% oxygen purity levels. These applications include gold mining, brazing, fish farms/hatcheries, welding, glass blowing and waste water treatment.

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