Brewery and air treatment

I'm opening a brewery: Do I need air treatment?

The answer is “Yes”. Yes, air treatment is necessary in breweries and Pneumatech offers dryers and nitrogen generators that can supply any air treatment and gas generation needs of a brewery.

The breweries need to rely on a continuous supply of qualified compressed air and nitrogen as a critical element at every stage of the production process: right from purging kegs and tanks, oxygenating beer to promote fermentation, right through to filling, bottling, labelling and packaging the final product.

When air compressors are used in a brewery for bottling, keg washing, etc., the compression of ambient air pulls in all the humidity and particulates that are floating around in the air. That concentration of liquid and contaminates will get down stream of the compressor and cause many issues for a brewery of any size. Because breweries are focused on sanitation to ensure there is nothing introduced into the beer, preventing these contaminates and humidity from reaching the beer is imperative.

To achieve this, filters and refrigerated dryers are used. Filters prevent particles and contaminates from ruining the final product. Dryers prevent humidity and condensation from getting into the beer, packaging and kegs. Dryers also help keep the actuators in a bottling line from becoming clogged or rusted overtime because of condensation. These keeps the packaging line moving and reducing any downtime.

In addition to drying the air and keeping contaminates out, breweries are also turning to Nitrogen gas to add different textures and carbonation to their beers, as well as using Nitrogen in packaging.

Nitrogen is less expensive to generate and store than carbon dioxide, and it also adds a fuller, creamier texture to beers when used during the carbonation process.

Air treatment is often initially overlooked in the planning process of a brewery, but it is imperative to make sure you are using filters, dryers, condensate management and nitrogen to produce the best product without contaminates.

Pneumatech offers multiple products that provide a full solution for any brewery. You can browse Pneumatech dryers HERE, and you can browse Pneumatech nitrogen generators HERE.

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