Aftercoolers (air and water-cooled)

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Highly efficient axial fans

Cooling down to 10°C/18°F above ambient

Negligible pressure drop

Robust construction and compact design

Easy to dismantle for cleaning

Close temperature approach thanks to counter-current heat-exchange

Robust shell-and-tube design

Stainless steel tubes within coated shell.

Negligible pressure drop

Compact design

Detailed calculations available on request

Compressed air will always be 100% saturated with water when it leaves a compressor. But also the outlet temperature has an important influence on the water load downstream the compressor. In order to minimize the load – and thus size – of the downstream refrigeration or adsorption dryer, it is therefore recommended to install a highly efficient aftercooler between compressor and dryer. Aftercoolers are an integral component in any compressed air system and work to removes most of the system’s moisture by cooling the compressed air.