Advanced energy management for lowest operating costs

  • Compressor synchronization
  • Pressure dewpoint control
  • Regeneration & cooling temperature control
  • Purge nozzle optimization (optional)

  • Guaranteed performance at high ambient temperatures

    • Closed loop cooling cycle on PB700-6350 ZP
    • Purge back-up mode on PB210-635 ZP

    Minimal risk of crushed desiccant thanks to the sonic nozzle and the large vessel diameters

    Counter-current regeneration for optimal energy efficiency and guaranteed dry air

    High efficient heaters, designed for maximum lifetime and minimal risk

    Compact, efficient and reliable side-channel centrifugal blower

    Designed for transportability

    High-quality, high-efficient desiccant, selected for the right application

    Optimal control and monitoring thanks to the Purelogic controller

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