Oil-Water Separators OWS 25 - 5300

The extensive OWS series from Pneumatech uses patented technology to separate all kinds of compressed air condensate, even stable oil water emulsions

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Next level compressed air condensate treatment

The dual-stage treatment of the new OWS 25-5300 from Pneumatech uses both polypropylene and activated carbon or organoclay, which allows it to separate out
stable as well as unstable emulsions. This ingenious process results in much cleaner wastewater that complies with the toughest environmental standards.

Better, quicker, cleaner separation of oil and water emulsions

Depending on your requirement, you have a choice of two cartridges: activated carbon and organoclay. Activated carbon filters remove whatever oil remains in the condensate after the first stage. Organoclay filtration can be used in case of stronger emulsions.

Low maintenance

Condensate treatment has always been a mandatory part of operating compressors. Pneumatech makes it less cumbersome. The filters can be exchanged as required thanks to OWS 25-5300's easy-to-replace cartridges which makes servicing your oil-water separator seamless, quick, and worry-free. A maintenance-friendly design and an exceptionally long service interval of 4,000 hours, minimizes any downtime and keeps your production going.

Genuine innovation in condensate separation

We've changed the game. Till recently, the solutions for stable emulsions were expensive and relatively ineffective. The solutions we offer cover both unstable emulsions such as those containing mineral oil as well as stable emulsions with synthetic oil. What you get is an oil separation solution that outperforms all the rest with less than 10 ppm of oil. The presence of oil can be as low as 5 ppm depending on the set-up.

Worry-free condensate treatment

The OWS 25-5300 offers you a total condensate treatment solution that not only makes your oil-water separation process more effective and easier but also reduces maintenance costs. Most importantly, it will ensure that your wastewater meets even the most stringent purity standards.

How to separate compressed air oil and water emulsion?

Condensate is the unavoidable byproduct of oil-lubricated compressors. It poses an environmental hazard that has to be handled responsibly. This is done by separating the oil and water contained in the condensate, thereby preventing polluted wastewater from harming the environment. It’s not just the right thing to do, in many countries it's a legal requirement.

Pneumatech's OWS 25-5300 is the choice of decisions makers who will only settle for the most reliable and effect solution in the market. In the first stage of the dual-stage filtration system, the condensate flows through a polypropylene filter which separates out the oil in two steps: first as the condensate passes through it, and second when it fills in the chamber below which traps the oil that rises to the top. In the second stage, the condensate flows through a another chamber where either activated carbon or organoclay, filters out any remaining oil particles in the condensate.

What you get at the outlet is condensate with less than 10 ppm of oil. The presence of oil can be as low as 5 ppm dependingon the set-up.

Dual-stage filtration for optimum separation of compressed air condensate

In the first stage, oil is separated out with a polypropylene filter. From there the condensate flows into the second stage, where, depending on the cartridge you choose (either activated carbon or organoclay), any residual oil in the condensate will be filtered out. This ingenious process results in much cleaner wastewater that complies with the toughest environmental standards.

      OWS 25 OWS 53 OWS 106 OWS 180 OWS 360 OWS 636 OWS 1325 OWS 2650 OWS 5300
With dryers Cold climate m³/h 58 119 241 407 817 1440 2999 5998 11995
  Cold climate cfm 34 71 141 240 480 848 1766 3532 7065
  Mild climate m³/h 43 90 180 306 612 1080 2250 4500 9000
  Mild climate cfm 25 53 106 180 360 636 1325 2650 5300
  Hot climate m³/h 22 43 86 148 299 526 1094 2189 4378
  Hot climate cfm 13 26 52 88 175 309 645 1289 2578
Without dryers Cold climate m³/h 72 151 299 511 1019 1800 3751 7499 15001
  Cold climate cfm 42 88 133 300 601 1060 2208 4417 8833
  Mild climate m³/h 54 112 227 382 767 1350 2812 5627 11250
  Mild climate cfm 32 66 133 225 451 795 1656 3313 6625
  Hot climate m³/h 32 61 122 205 410 724 1512 3020 6041
  Hot climate cfm 18 36 71 121 242 427 890 1779 3558