Check Box S6 Intelligent chart recorder for compressed air and gases

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Real time measured values

All measured values available at a glance. Threshold exceedings are indicated in red.

A measuring site name can be allocated to each sensor

Graphic display

The display replaces the former evaualtion of ordinary paper chart recorders and offers lots of advantages

Time axis can be moved by a finger slide

The zoom by finger movement function enables a unique analysis of peak values

Actual measurement values and graphic

In addition to the measurement curves the real time value is indicated

Statistics and Reports

Different to ordinary chart recorders the Check Box S6 offers not only the recording of the measured data but also the evaluation of all flow sensors optionally as daily/weekly/monthly report at the push of a button.

Easy data import to every PC via USB stick into Excel. Data can be printed without additional software. It is no longer necessary to transfer values manually.