Check Box S1 - 5 Chart Recorder

All measuring data of a compressed air installation can be recorded, indicated and evaluated. Pneumatech chart recorders indicate the measured data of the different sensors on a screen and give you the possiblity to have all parameters at a glance.

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Standard Equipment

  • USB interface

  • 3.5" graphic display with touch screen

  • Integrated main unit for supply of the sensors

  • Pulse output for flow sensors (for total consumption)

  • 2 alarm relays - potential ree switch over contacts, max. 230 V, 3A

  • 4 - 20 mA output for all connected active sensors

  • Software Options

  • Integrated web server

  • Mathematics calculation function

  • Totalizer function
  • Hardware Options

  • Integrated data logger

  • Ethernet/RS485 interface

  • Additional sensor inputs (digital or analogue) selectable
  • Downloads