Overview Dew Point

Why is dew point measurement essential?

Air always contains humidity in form of vapor. Since air contrary to water can be compressed the water drops out druing the compression procedure in form of condensate.  The maximum humidity of the air depends on the temperature and the volume. It does not depend on any quantity.

The ambient air can be imagined like a wet sponge. In relaxed condition, it is able to adsorb a certain quantity of water. If the sponge is squeezed water drops out. Some water will remain in the sponge even if it is strongly compressed. This process is similar to the compressed air applications.

Pneumatech offers a wide and field proven product portfolio for dew point sensors. With our especially desigend stationary and mobile solutions, the dew point of refrigeration, desiccant or membrane dryers can be supervised. Tailor-made accessories like measuring chambers, dry containers or diffusion tight hose safeguard that Pneumatech dew point systems are the prefect solution for a flawless dew point measurement.

To ensure that your processes usitng compressed air run smoothly, dew point has to be in compliance to the requirements accordingly. In several industries and applications, the dew point needs to be measured in a professional manner. Examples are generation of technical gases such as nitrogen or oxygen and other, in the plastics technology for drying of granulate and many more. 

Customers all over the globe rely on the competence and knowledge of Pneumatech. Proven and reliable dew point meters from Pneumatech are helping customers worldwide to protect the required product quality in compressed air and gas systems.