Leak Check - Leak Detector

If gases escape through leaks in piping systems ultrasonic noises are generated. Leak check can detect even the smallest leakages with cannot be heard by the human ear. Leak check transforms the inaudible signals into a frequency which can be identified.

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Robustness and low weight ensure fatigue free use in industrial environments

Improved detection of leaks

with optional acoustic trumpet

Lithium-ion battery

with high capacity, external charger

Last all day

Minimum operating time 10 hours

Easy operation via keypad


Leak detection in compressed air lines, gas, vapor and vacuum plants

Works on door seals

Even very small leaks at hatches, doors and windows can be detected

Precise leak locating

with focus tube and focus tip

For noisy environments

Sound proof headset enables leak detection even in extremely noisy environments

All in one

Set includes a robust impact-proof transportation case containing all necessary components and accessories