Leak Check Pro - Leak Detector with Camera

Leakage measurement of gases and vacuum for maximized energy savings. Indicates leakage rate in l/min and potential savings/year

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Leak Check Pro 1/Pro 2 is a consistent advancement

The new leak meters Leak Check Pro 1/ Pro 2 with integrated camera and leakage calculation are ideal measuring instruments which help to find and document even smallest leakages easily even at far distances.

Leak check Pro 2 is the worldwide first leak meter with an additional freely assignable sensor input for all PMH sensors. In addition to the leakage measurement and detection also all necessary measurements for dew point, flow, pressure and temperature can be carried out.

Find out your leak rate (l/min) and potential savings per year

Auto level

Adapts the sensitivity automatically to the environment and eliminates the ambient noise reliably

Describe the leak and necessary actions

Create an ISO 50001 report

Find the smallest leaks at far distance

Take picture of leaking parts

Transmit the leak details via USB to your desktop software

Seek the leak the whole day (9 hours)

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