PMNG Series - Membrane Nitrogen Gas Generators

Pneumatech's nitrogen generators are designed for efficiency of operation and lowest possible operating costs, with no moving parts and no electrical requirements.

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How it works

Atmospheric air contains essentially 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Compressed air is passed through a technically advanced bundle of hollow membrane fibers. Nitrogen gas is separated from the feed air by selective permeation. Water vapor and  oxygen rapidly permeate safely to the atmosphere wihile the nitrogen gas is discharged under pessure into the user's nitrogen piping system, where it is ready to be used.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior membranes constructed from high quality aluminum with technically advanced fiber for outstanding performance from 90-99.5% nitrogen purity.

  • True Purity Controller ensures that nitrogen purity from our unit remains constant under all flow conditions with a single screw adjustment

  • Comes complete with 4-stage filtration to ensure long membrane life

  • What's Different?

    Engineered for simplicity, durability and ease of use make the PMNG what we believe to be the most user friendly unit in the market. All pre-filters and controls are included inside the canopy. Only a supply of dry compressed air is needed to get nitrogen at the outlet of the generator. Also the start-up procedure of the PMNG is made so straightforward that it does not require any specialist.

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    PMNG Series - Membrane Nitrogen Generators

    Membrane generators are an excellent choice in low (90%) to medium (99,5%) purity applications such as tire inflation, fire prevention, tank blanketing and pipeline drying.