PPNG 150 - 800 HE

Advanced energy saving control

  • Reduced air consumption at low nitrogen demand
  • Also compensates for altering ambient conditions and purity settings
  • No compressed air use when no nitrogen is consumed
  • Outstanding air factors thanks to back-flow pressurization

    High-quality, high-efficient Carbon Molecular Sieves selected for the right application

    Guaranteed purity

  • Automatically regulates to the requested nitrogen pressure and purity
  • Zirconia sensors for reliable purity measurement
  • Designed & tested for cyclic load

    Optimal control and monitoring thanks to PurelogicTM Controller

  • Self-protective monitoring of the feed
    air quality
  • Feed-air blow-off in case of contamination
  • Nitrogen flow, purity and pressure measured and controlled
  • Automatic start-up
  • Генераторы газов Pneumatech

    Pneumatech разрабатывает и производит как стандартное, так и специализированное оборудование для производства газов непосредственно на местах потребления. В линейке Pneumatech предлагаются генераторы азота и кислорода с технологией PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), а также с мембранной технологией для производства азота средней и низкой чистоты.