PMR Series - Mist Eliminators

With only 10% of the pressure drop of a regular coalescing filter and an expected service life 20-30 times longer than conventional filers, the PMR series is the only choice for efficient removal of mist sized particles.

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How PMR mist eliminators work

Pneumatech's PMR Mist Eliminators do not rely on differential pressure as the mechanism of particle removal. Instead, they take advantage of the properties of gas diffusion in order to trap contaminates between layers of homogeneous fibers. Using these principles PMR guarantees 100% removal of all aerosol-mist sized particles, and above, for up to 10 years.

Standard Features

  • Vessel design is optimally sized to capture condensate effectively, with the filter located below outlet to protect from any carryover, and large clearance for proper bed velocity

  • Fiber bed is hand packed with homgeneous-sized fibers to a specific density

  • Rated for use in wet air streams, so it will withstand liquid slugging and catastrophic failure of a compressor separator element

  • Low maintenance with no need to replace elements within 10 years

  • Low operating and energy cost, with payback often within one year

  • Extends the life of any desiccant dryer beds installed upstream

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PMR-85 to PMR-17500 Datasheet