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Condensate Management

Condensate is the inevitable by-product of compressing air. In the case of oil-injected air compressors, this condensate can contain both oil and water. Pneumatech condensate management solutions remove water from your air system and separate oil from water to help you dispose of it legally, safely, and environmentally friendly.

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Why is condensate management necessary?

The saturated hot air at the outlet of a compressor cools down as it passes along the cold piping network. This causes condensate to form that can result in corrosion, bad product quality, and pneumatic equipment malfunctions. Free water also impacts the lifetime and performance of downstream equipment such as filters and dryers.

On top of this, oil and water condensate, which is a byproduct of oil-injected air compressors, can be hazardous to the environment. Pneumatech offers oil-water separators that help protect the environment and comply with the legal regulations of your country.

Condensate management solutions

Removing condensate from a compressed air system requires a number of solutions. Pneumatech offers them all:

  • Aftercoolers: cool the saturated air after compression, turning up to 70% of this humidity into water, which can then immediately be drained from the air system. Pneumatech offers air-cooled and water-cooled versions.
  • Drains: remove water from your air system. Pneumatech offers mechanical, timer and zero loss electronic drains.
  • Oil-water separator: separate the oil and water of an oil-injected compressor’s condensate and dispose of the oil safely and legally.
  • Water detectors: detect any remaining free water in your air system.

A complete product range

From aftercoolers to oil-water separators, Pneumatech offers a complete range of condensate management solutions.

Pneumatech air quality equipment - more than just condensate management

Pneumatech offers much more than top-quality condensate management solutions. As the air treatment and gas generation specialist, we can meet all your compressed air quality and industrial gas needs. This includes a complete range of compressed air dryers, filters, and air quality measurement services.

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