WD Water Detector

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24/7 peace-of-mind at a reasonable cost

  • Water level as low as 3 cl detected
  • Can be installed at every critical application in the compressed air network
  • Transparency of operation

  • Alarm message on control panel
  • Potential-free contact to trigger alarm in control room
  • Easy mechanical and electrical installation

    Water detector for peace of mind

    Despite all efforts to make dryers, water separators and drains reliable, a failure can never be ruled out. The consequence of condensate water in your pipe network and operations can be dramatic: from corrosion and ice formation to bad product quality and process malfunctioning.

    The installation of a Pressure Dew Point (PDP) sensor downstream brings a solution but is often a too large investment. Pneumatech's Water Detector (WD) provides peace-of-mind at an affordable cost. The WD gives an alarm as soon as a 3cl water level is detected. This alarm message is visible, audible and can be routed to a control room thanks to the potential-free contact. The ball valve at the outlet is meant to release water after an alarm situation and is closed during normal operation.

    Technical Specifications for WD

    General characteristics


    First alarm level (cl)


    Second alarm level (cl)


    Max. power consumption (W)


    Electrical connection

    Solenoid plug type B - 2+PE



    Potential free contact connection

    M12 connector A-coding 4-pole Both Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) possible

    IP Protection


    Physical characteristics


    Length (mm / inch)

    160 / 6,3

    Width (mm / inch)

    69 / 2,71

    Height (mm / inch)

    116 / 4,5

    Weight (kg / Lbs)

    0,6 / 1,32




    G1/2”, horizontal + vertical


    Ball valve for condensate removal



    Test button


    Indicative LEDs


    Potential free alarm