The PB 760-7400 HE – the superior high-flow adsorption compressed air dryer

This is what you get with the Pneumatech PB 760-7400 HE:

  • A low pressure dew point of -40°C/-40°F as standard and -70°C/-94°F as an option
  • 3 high-efficiency models: a blower purge and two zero purge variants (with open and closed loop cooling)
  • Flows up to 12,600 m3/hr.

What you also get with the Pneumatech PB 760-7400 HE is industry-leading operational savings, reliability, and easy serviceability:

  • Energy savings: The PB HE keeps your operating costs to a minimum thanks to the superior efficiency of its multiple layered silica gel desiccant, its advanced PurelogicTM Touch control features, and its new and unique Smart Cycle Control algorithm.
  • Reliability: Built with quality engineering, the PB HE delivers a reliable, premium performance. A new 4-way valve and switching valves offer an extra-long lifetime. The PurelogicTM controller monitors and ensures a stable PDP.
  • Easy serviceability: The PB HE is decidedly low-maintenance. It is delivered fully wired for plug-and-play installation. To reduce maintenance hassles, the components of the PB HE and its desiccant come with extended service intervals. 
PB combo picture

The top solution for many high-flow applications

Textiles To safeguard the quality of textiles, the compressed air that comes into contact with them must be free of moisture. The Pneumatech PB HE protects your production and your air system while keeping operating costs low.

Cement – Compressed air is used throughout cement plants, from ash handling to pneumatic control and conveying. To prevent pipe corrosion, tool malfunctions, conveyor blockages and other operational problems, all of these applications require dry compressed air. The PB 760-7400 HE delivers just that with superior reliability and efficiency.

Food & beverage In the food and beverage industry, extremely strict compressed air quality requirements apply to protect product safety and consumer health. The Pneumatech PB 760-7400 HE high-flow adsorption dryer meets all F&B standards with industry-leading efficiency and an always reliable performance. 

Pharmaceuticals – When compressed air comes into contact with pharmaceutical products, air quality becomes a key requirement. The Pneumatech PB 760-7400 HE adsorption dryer removes moisture from compressed air efficiently and reliably to protect your production, your customers and your bottom line.

Why dry your compressed air?

Untreated compressed air always contains moisture, particles and oil. This saturated, contaminated air can compromise your entire air system, your pneumatic equipment and even your final products. Negative effects can range from corroded pipework, shortened tool lifetime, to micro-organisms growing, reaching your products and forcing their disposal or recall. Pneumatech dryers ensure you get the dry, quality air your application requires.

A wide range of filters

Rely on Pneumatech to make sure your compressed air meets all your quality requirements. We offer a complete range of in-line filters. This includes oil coalescing, particulate and oil vapor filters, as well breathing air, silicone-free, sterile and process filtration. 

Pneumatech air treatment solutions – expert advice

As the leader in air treatment and gas generation, we can answer all your questions about air quality and dryers. Contact us with all the details about your application and its requirements, such as your compressed air usage or the compressed air quality class you need. Our experts will put together the best solution for you.