The new PMNG HE: Expert membrane nitrogen generation solutions

When your job requires nitrogen, producing it yourself is the reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable solution. Pneumatech has developed a versatile range of on-site solutions to meet your specific nitrogen needs. That includes membrane generators for applications that use nitrogen with a purity between 95% and 99.5%.  

Producing your own nitrogen

Do you still buy bottled or liquid N2? Did you know that producing it yourself is the better solution? An on-site nitrogen generator will make you supplier-independent, can save you money and logistical headaches, and can reduce your environmental impact.

  • Cost efficiency: An on-site generator will give you a much lower cost per unit of nitrogen.
  • Greater sustainability: Eliminating nitrogen deliveries significantly reduces your transport emissions. In addition, Pneumatech’s superior technologies help decrease your energy consumption. For example, our PMNG HE is 35% more efficient than other membrane generators.
  • Control your supply: In a world where supply chain issues are common, do you really want to be dependent on third-party deliveries? On-site generation gives you complete control and the continuous, reliable N2supply you need.
  • Less logistics: Ordering, storing and managing nitrogen deliveries is a hassle. With an N2 generator, you can scratch these logistical headaches from your to-do list.

The advantages of membrane nitrogen generation

Membrane is one of the two main technologies to self-produce nitrogen (the other is Pressure Swing Adsorption - PSA). Membrane is the simplest, which makes it a very reliable and convenient solution:

  • Low noise: Membrane generators are super silent. In fact, they are so quiet they can be installed at the point of use without bothering those working in close proximity.
  • High reliability and a long lifetime: A membrane generator has few components and no moving parts. This minimizes its maintenance needs and extends its lifetime.
  • 95-99.5% purity: Membrane generators can produce nitrogen with a purity between 95-99.5%. That makes them the right solution for the large number of applications that don't require the very highest N2 purity. 

How does membrane nitrogen generation work?

Air consists of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. So when compressed air is fed into a nitrogen generator, the goal is to separate nitrogen and oxygen. Membrane generators do this with a bundle of hollow polymer membranes. After the air enters the membranes, the oxygen is separated from the nitrogen and permeated into the atmosphere. This “selective permeation” process ensures only nitrogen is left in the membrane, ready to be pressurized and used.

How does membrane nitrogen generation work

Membrane nitrogen generators – the ideal solutions for many applications

The specific benefits of a membrane generator make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Tire inflation
  • Fire prevention
  • Tank blanketing
  • Pipeline drying

The PMNG HE – the superior membrane nitrogen generator

The Pneumatech PMNG HE combines the convenience and reliability of on-site membrane nitrogen generation with unrivalled operational savings. That’s because the PMNG HE uses 35% less air on average than other membrane generators to drastically lower your energy bill and your environmental impact.

The PMNG HE is also smaller. The top models even provide 43% more flow in the same compact footprint. That means it takes up very little space on your production floor, in your workshop or in your lab. This small footprint is also due to its all-in-one build. External tanks or extra filters are not required.

A true plug-and-play solution, the PMNG HE is ready to go without specialist installation or commissioning. Operating the generator is just as easy. The intuitive PureLogic™ controller allows for quick purity setting. Air quality and nitrogen purity monitoring are fully automated.

PMNG 4-40 HE 1