AD Series - Non-Cycling Dryers

Pneumatech offers a reliable economic solution for removing moisture from your compressed air system.

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Low Pressure Drop

Pneumatech uses quality heat exchangers with integrated moisture separators to prevent pressure losses in the system.

Energy Savings

All Pneumatech refrigerated dryers come with standard zero-loss drains that save you money by preventing the loss of valuable compressed air associated with other types of drains.

Superior Reliability

AD dryers utilize a hot gas bypass valve to prevent the ice from forming in the dryer during periods of low flow.

Rotary compressors and R410A refrigerant: the winning combination

The AD125-1250 range is equipped with rotary compressors and R410A refrigerant. This combination is up to 30% more energy efficient, requires 19% less refrigerant gas and is 100% compliant with European regulation EU No 517/2014.


Remote alarms keep you informed of service intervals and potential problems while the remote start and stop feature opens a whole new list of possibilities to control the dryer.

Easy plug-and-play installation

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Pneumatech Refrigerated Dryers

Pneumatech carries a full line of refrigerated air dryers for a wide range of applications to control moisture levels in compressed air systems.