How can air treatment products help avoid oxidation in wine?

Oxidation- A Friend or a Foe?!

March 26, 2019

Oxygen plays a crucial role in wine making. In fact, the amount of oxygen in your wine can make or break the batch.

Oxygen can dissolve in wine at several stages during the process of wine making.  From primary fermentation of the batch to bottling and the ageing before consumption.  Proper oxidation is cruicial in the wine making.  Incorrectly done, it will change the quality of the wine, the color,  and even change the wine's life. 

What's oxidation?

In some wines, oxidation is used to create an effect or to ensure that the wine conforms to a particular style. In others, it's a misstep that leads to a spoiled bottle. And yet oxidation, in which juice comes into contact with oxygen, is an unavoidable part of the winemaking process.

Air Treatment can help!

Nitrogen can be used to help prevent oxidation, which occurs when wine is exposed to too much oxygen. And the use of nitrogen throughout various stages of the winemaking process helps preserve color, flavor, and aroma of any wine

Nitrogen is a colorless /odorless gas, which makes it possible to use without wine or bottle discoloration or a damaging impact on the wine’s taste. Nitrogen gas can be used during transfer and bottling to assist with reducing waste, save the winemaker money, increase employee safety, and reduce environmental impact.

Blanketing:  Bottling can be flushed with nitrogen before and after the bottling process to displace oxygen in the wine.  Also, this can be done with partially filled tanks or barrels.

Flushing: When transferring wine from container to container, the risk of over exposure to oxygen is at its greatest risk.  By flushing the pumps, hoses and containers before the bottling begins the early preventative process will save you in the long-haul.

Sparging: By applying nitrogen in the form of very tiny gas bubbles, you can remove any released oxygen and preserves during the fermentation and aging process.
Winemakers of all sizes can benefit from using nitrogen in the process by cutting down on waste caused by oxidation and spoilage. The costs associated with setting up on-site nitrogen generation equipment can pay for itself many times in the long-term.

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