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Measurement Equipment

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Compressed air is a valuable product. Energy costs accounts for up to 80% of the total cost of a compressed air system. With Pneumatech’s proven and innovative measuring technology for compressed air and gases, all measuring data of a compressor station can be recorded, indicated and evaluated.

Chart recorder: Pneumatech chart recorders indicates the measured data of the different sensors on a screen and give you the possibility to have all parameters at a glance.

Dew point meters: Pneumatech offers a wide and field-proven product portfolio for dew point sensors. Recalibration and precision calibration at -40 °Ctd or 3 °Ctd including ISO certificate.

Flow sensors: The basic principle of Pneumatech's flow meters is calorimetric measuring. Our reliable flow meters grant consumption and flow measurement according to the standard our customers prefer.

Leakage detectors: With our Leak check series you get all the function needed to detect leakages and thus potential to make considerable savings. Creates a detailed ISO 50001 report.

Calibration: Both dew point sensors from us and from other manufacturers can be calibrated.

Software: PMH Basic data evaluation in graphic form; import your measurements via USB stick or Ethernet.

Measurement Equipment

Proven measuring technology for compressed air and gases