SPD Flow Controls

The Intermediate Control (I/C)® SPD Series monitors and stabilizes the delivered air pressure by adjusting flow. The SPD Series releases air from an upstream receiver to maintain a continuous supply pressure at the lowest optimal level. The result is reduced waste from leaks, improved system efficiency and significantly lower operating costs.

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What makes the SPD Series unique?

  • Single valve control keeps investment cost down improving return on investment (ROI)
  • Electronically actuated valve controls more precisely
  • Graphic user interface (GUI) control allows for simple control

Model Nominal Flow* (scfm) Connection Size (flange)
SPD-2 850 2"
SPD-2.5 1250 2.5"
SPD-3 1850 3"
SPD-4 3200 4"
SPD-5 5500 5"
SPD-6 7500 6"
SPD-8 9000 8"

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ConservAir Flow Controls

ConservAIR® technology is used to control the demand side of a compressed air system, utilizing an Intermediate Control (I/C)® flow control device.