Guaranteed reliability

  • Compact design, made in house
  • Integrated ball-valve with double inlet thread ½” and ¼” and an integrated strainer easy to clean
  • Test button to condensate manually and check the valve function
  • Endless flexibility

  • Simple to install and fully automatic
  • No limitation in air flow
  • Cycle and valve opening intervals can be set independently of each other
  • Supplied with 2m cable with solenoid plug
  • NPT connection available
  • IP65 enclosure

    Transparency of operation

  • two LED displays showing the operating status
  • Pneumatech’s CDT condensate drains discharge the condensate  automatically, based on pre-set time intervals. The opening and closing  times can be set with high flexibility, which make the drains suitable for  almost all capacities. CDT drains are selected in heavy-duty operations,  where the large cross-sections opening, and the simplicity of the drain  are highly valued. 

    High pressure timer drain CDT HP are available for operating pressure up to 350 bar (400 bar for 115V)

    Condensate Management

    Condensate is the inevitable by-product of compressing air. In the case of oil-injected air compressors, this condensate can contain both oil and water. Pneumatech condensate management solutions remove water from your air system and separate oil from water to help you dispose of it legally, safely, and environmentally friendly.