How Can I Reduce the Energy Consumption of my Air Compressor?

November 5, 2019

Air compressors are vital assets to many operations and businesses, but can often increase energy costs due to operation, leaks and pressure loss during tank draining. There are a few options and additions that can help conserve energy and keep the money in your compressed air instead of letting in out. Pneumatech's ConservAir flow controllers are an ideal way to start saving on costs.

ConservAIR controllers monitor air pressure as it is delivered to production and releases air from the air tank as needed to maintain a continuous, stable air pressure supply. By doing so, this reduces energy consumption from the compressor room, reduces waste from leaks and gives the steady air pressure needed for most manufacturing and production based operations. The ConservAIR S Series, uses unique multiple parallel configuration to accurately control the flow of compressed air throughout the entire production facility. As a result, compressor on-line HP is reduced, which results in better air pressure and also significant energy savings. This helps keep a steady flow of air and prevents your air compressor from fluctuating which creates more strain on the compressor and more energy and money wasted. Other benefits of the ConservAIR flow controllers include:

  • Allows compressors to accelerate and catch up
  • Holds system pressure to +/- 1 psig throughout system
  • Maximizes the advantage fo the available part load preformance efficiency
  • Prevents unacceptable pressure degradation when an operating compressor fails
  • Eliminates air related complaints
  • Eliminates compressed air related work stoppages and production interruptions
  • Enhances the compressor network performance
  • Maximizes profits from productivity gains
  • Stabilizes the compressed air system
  • Ensures the reliability of air supply
  • Allows you to bank and trade carbon credits
  • Adjusts to system changes instantaneously due to the multi-parallel design

If you have questions on how you can reduce your energy costs using a ConservAIR flow controller, Contact Us. You can also browse our product listings HERE.