What Are Flanged Compressed Air Filters and When Should They be Used?

October 22, 2019

When using compressed are for almost any application, it is recommended to use a compressed air filter or a combination of filters. There are various filter types from high-pressure, to threaded and beyond that fit different applications and system setups. Flanged filters are often used in compressed air systems, but what exactly is a flanged air filter?

Flanged filters are a heavy-duty type filter that is used for high-pressure and high-flow compressed air applications. These filters are made of carbon steel and are coated with a special solution insuring a housing lifetime of at least 20 years and typically have higher performance than other filters. Flanged filters are available in coalescing, particulate and adsorber variants. Pneumatech's flanged filters offer new, enchanced media to ensure a high-filter efficiency, low pressure drop and guaranteed lifetime performance. The elements within the filters are designed to guarantee proper sealing and are easy to use as a "push-on" style element. 

When would I use a flanged filter?

If you are using a large air compressor with constant flow, a flanged filter or combination of flanged filters would be recommended. The carbon steel housing is designed to handle large amounts of air at a high-pressure that a smaller filter housing would not be able to withstand. Threaded filters can typically withstand just over 1,200 cfm, whereas flanged filters range from 1800 up to over 10,000 cfm. These filters are used often for large industrial applications, manufacturing and other constant flow, high-pressure compressed air applications. Flanged filters are also much larger than threaded filters, with some being over 5 ft. in length and over 950 lbs. 

To browse Pneumatech's flanged filters, please click HERE. You can also Contact Us if you have a question about filter sizing for your compressed air application. 

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