What Are the Features and Benefits of Breathing Air Purifiers?

The BA Series Breathing Air Purifiers from Pneumatech will provide the clean, dry air necessary to keep your workers safe. It is designed to be used as an addition to your plaint air source by converting compressed air to breathable air for those individuals working in and around a hazardous process. 


  • Special 7-stage filtration process offers unparalleled compressed air purity
  • High-quality filters
  • Compressor synchronization
  • Purge nozzle optimization
  • Dew point control
  • PureLogic Controller (only on HE series)
  • Advanced gas sensors with adjustable level of warnings
  • Unique valve system
  • Spring-loaded desiccant
  • Flow distributor
  • Lowest purge loss (16%)
  • Lowest pressure drop (-25%)
  • Low noise level

The special 7-stage filtration system contains the following components:

  • Water Separator - For liquid water
  • Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Super Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Adsorption Dryer - For Water vapour and CO2
  • Activated Carbon - For Gaseous impurities
  • Catalyst - For CO oxidation to CO2
  • Bacteria Filter- For Bacteria and dust particles

Specially engineered valve manifolds, includes the pilot air controlled 3/2 valves, are designed with reliable and fast switching valves to reduce the pressure drops to a minimum. This does not only result in a low-pressure drop over the dryer, but also ensures maximum purge air expansion during regeneration. That lowers the purge air consumption drastically.

The Breathing Air Purifier range assures safe working environment in a wide range of applications. Built to exceed standards, Breathing Air Purifiers provide certified breathing air, even in situations with polluted intake air to ensure personnel safety at all times. The seven-filtration stages of the Breathing Air Purifiers have been carefully designed to make sure the air quality at the outlet complies with with major regulations and standards.

Advantages & Benefits: 

  • Delivers breathing air quality in accordance with OSHA, CSA, CGA and ANSI
  • Low noise levels, compact and easy to connect design
  • Utilized in various breathing air applications
  • Removes moisture, solid particles, oil aerosols and mists, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors