What Happens if You Don't Use Air Treatment in Your Business?

January 15, 2019

Air treatment is used for a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, maintenance, food and beverage industries and more. Air treatment helps prevent finish damage, scrapped materials, and tool/equipment replacement due to air moisture damage, like rust, when using compressed air. Air treatment dryers focus on corrosion-resistant heat exchangers that heighten the efficiency moisture separation for long-term dry air supply.

Water contamination can lead to microbial contamination, corrosion, blocked or frozen valves, cylinders, air motors and tools, premature wear and failure of equipment. Water contamination of compressed air systems can reduce production efficiency and increase manufacturing costs.

When speaking of air compressors, compressed air treatment is a method that dehumidifies and cleans air prior to entering the air compressor.  This is done using an air dryer and an additional filter beyond the air filter found in a compressor. Air is always contaminated with solid particles such as dust, sand, soot, salt crystals and water. An effective compressed air treatment system lowers the dew point of the air and takes out the elements that may harm the air compressor. Remember the higher the temperature, the higher the ability to hold moisture.  

When investing in an air compressor or a compressed air system, compressed air treatment is a wise choice when protecting your equipment.  Having a compressed air treatment system allows your system to perform at its optimal best and prolongs the life of the system by reducing rust and corrosion that can be caused by wet, dirty air. With compressed air treatment, you will have clean air that runs faster and does not contain particles that can corrode the machine over time. Also, air that has undergone compressed air treatment is dry, meaning it does not promote the growth of rust like wet air does. 

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