Why are my pneumatic tools rusting and how can I fix it?

All of your pneumatic tools are rusting and becoming ruined, but you can't figure out why?

July 8, 2022

When using an air compressor to power pneumatic tools, the compressed air will almost always contain a number of contaminates, including moisture. Water that is fed through the compressed air lines into your pneumatic tools will rust and ruin the tools over time, costing you money in replacement tools and potentially causing downtime of your operation. To rid your compressed air of moisture, a refrigerated dryer can be installed downstream of the compressor to remove any moisture and humidity before the air powers your tools. Refrigerated air dryers use the same cooling principal as typical air conditioning units in homes across the world. Using the refrigeration system and passing compressed air through a heat exchanger, the air is cooled to approximately 4 °C/40°F. As the air cools, water droplets begin to form in the air due to condensation much like the water droplets that form on the outside of a cold drink. The moisture laden air then undergoes a mechanical separation process where the liquid or “condensate” is separated from the air stream. The air is then rewarmed using the incoming air which lowers the relative humidity of the air and traps any remaining moisture in a vapor form.

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