5 Benefits of an On-Site Nitrogen Generator

February 12, 2019

Nitrogen gas is used for thousands of different manufacturing and packaging applications around the world. Breweries use it as an alternative to CO2, metal manufacturers use it for laser cutting, lightbulb manufacturers use it during the manufacturing process and hundreds of food manufacturers use it in their packaging and preservation processes. Nitrogen is a necessity for many businesses, but having someone deliver nitrogen to your site is often expensive and unsafe. 

What are the benefits of having my own nitrogen on-site instead of having an outside company deliver it?

1. Cost Efficient

Depending on where your business is located, nitrogen costs can range anywhere from $0.35 per hundred cubic feet to $1.50 per hundred cubic feet. If it is delivered in cylinders, you could even pay as much as $3.00 per hundred cubic feet. Installing your own generator can drop your cost down to $0.21 - $0.25 per hundred cubic feet initially. You are also avoiding the cost of tank rentals, hazmat fees, delivery charges or any other miscellaneous costs attributed to the delivery of nitrogen gas. Up to 10% off your nitrogen can also be lost during transport, which means every time you take a delivery, you paid for nitrogen that never made it into your facility. 

2. Increases Safety

In order to transport nitrogen to your business, the gas must be first converted back into a liquid at -320 degrees Farenheit. Unloading a liquid at this temperature is very dangerous and runs the risk of leaks or spills that can cause injuries or even death. This risk is completely eliminated by creating and storing your own nitrogen gas on-site.

3. Reduces Downtime and Supply Issues

If you outsource your nitrogen gas, you are at the mercy of your delivery company when it comes to deadlines, delays, shortages or closings. By generating your own gas, you always know how much gas you have and how much gas you can generate in any certain day. You eliminate any wait times associated with deliveries and cut down on hundreds of hours a year that would normally be spent ordering nitrogen, waiting on deliveries and any delayed orders that could potentially shut your operation down temporarily. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

The process of turning nitrogen gas into a liquid for transportation is not only dangerous, but it uses a large amount of energy. Most nitrogen is needed in gas form, so changing the gas to a liquid and then back to gas is a waste of limited resources and impacts the environment negatively by wasting energy and polluting the air during transportation. If your business is pushing to "go green", switching to on-site nitrogen is an easy and cost-efficient way to decrease your carbon footprint.

5. Fits Specific Needs

Some industries use nitrogen gas in remote areas on a regular basis. Having liquid nitrogen delivered to these areas is not practical because of the safety issues and time delays. Having on-site nitrogen for industries like chemical manufacturing, off-shore drilling or certain pharmaceutical companies is critical. Not only does on-site nitrogen generation provide a constant nitrogen solution, but it also allows these industries to change their purity levels based on the appropriate application. 

Industries who have a constant need for nitrogen gas in their day-to-day operations should invest in on-site nitrogen generators. They are cost efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, reduce downtown and are able to fit specific needs in hard-to-reach environments. Pneumatech offers a full line of nitrogen generators to fit the needs of any industry. You can browse the full list of gas generators HERE.