CDF Mechanical Float Drains

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No loss of compressed air

Automatic controlled drainage of condensate without any compressed air leak

Plug-and-play solution

  • No power supply needed
  • No programming or calibration
  • Guaranteed reliability

  • Large cross-section openings
  • Well-proven, rugged aluminium design
  • Provided with a separate manual drain to depressurize the pressure aluminium housing and allow manual discharge for venting or draining
  • Pneumatech’s CDF drain discharges the condensate automatically and without compressed air losses up to 10 bar. 

    The condensate is accumulated in the aluminium receiver (pressureproof housing) and as soon as the maximum level has reached, the condensate will be drained out without any air loss. The direct acting valve is piloting by a precise level float sensor that ensures reliability and efficiency. In its depressurized state the valve is closed (NC design).

    The drain is equipped with an integrated venting function, which prevents the risk of possible air slots. The CDF drain has a well-proven, rugged aluminium design with threated connections at inlet and outlet.