Measurement Equipment Software

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Graphic evaluation

All measuring curves are indicated in color. All necessary functions are integrated, like e.g. free zoom, selection/deselection of single measuring curves, free selection of periods, scaling of the axis, select colours and more. This view can be stored as a PDF file and can be sent by e-mail. Different data can be combined in one common file.

Table view

All measuring points are listed with exact time interval. The desired measuring channels with the name of the measuring location can be selected via the diagram explorer.


All required statistic data are visible at a glance. The user can see very quickly which minimal or maximum measured values occured during which time period.

Consumption report

The software issues a consumption report for all connected flow sensors for daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Data available in .xls- or .csv-format


The costs per consumption unit can be stored for each energy form. Depending on the time and the day different tariffs can be stored. The validity of the tariffs can be defined via calendar function to ensure cost in- or decrease updates

Many languages to choose from

Event history

Exceeded limit values are documented within the PMH network

Administration of measuring sites

Each PMH sensor/chart recorder can be allocated to a department or cost center

With PMH Basic Data, evaluation in graphic and table form is read from the measured data via USB stick or Ethernet. All important functions can be retrieved via the dashboard. For better visualization the measurement curves are indicated in color. The user can quickly see when certain measurements took place and for how long.

With the PMH Basic, the paperless recorder Check Box S6/ Check Box S1-S5 and all mobile devices with data logger can be read out. Depending on the device, data transfer is done either via USB stick or Ethernet connection.

PMH Basic


Local PC installation

Data storage

Database (local)

Updates to new releases free of charge


Automatic information about upgrades

Yes (only in case of internet access)

Number of working place licenses


Number of measured values

All measured values transmitted by a device. (Max. 1 device at the same time)

Data transfer

USB Stick (manually) or Ethernet

User administration


E-Mail in case of threshold value exceeding


Storage of the measured data

Logger data have to be read-out manually via PMH Basic