Our business code of practice

Summarized in the Pneumatech Business Code of Practice are the following internal policy documents, related to business ethics and social and environmental performance. All companies within the group are expected to adhere to these policies, which are published in the group's intranet database, The Way We Do Things.

The main international ethical guidelines supported by Pneumatech are:

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: http: //www.un.org/
  • International Labour Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at work: www.ilo.org
  • United Nations Global Compact: http: //www.unglobalcompact.org/
  • OECD Guideline for Multinational Enterprises: www.oecd.org
  • Pneumatech sustainability reporting follows the GRI Global reporting initiative gudelines: www.globalreporting.org

Download our business code of practice