Pneumatech Relationships

Environment and society

We strive to be a good and reliable corporate citizen, observing the spirit as well as the letters of the law of the countries in which we operate. 

  • We support fundamental human rights and respect those rights in conducting our group's operations throughout the world.
  • We recognize that our commitment to financial success must also take into account the broader economic, environmental, and social impact of our operations.
  • We believe in conducting business in a manner that preserves the environment for future generations. We aim to have all our major units ISO 14001 certified. All products and processes are evaluated from an environmental perspective.
  • Pneumatech encourages learning and development through cooperation with local communities.


We strive to be the preferred employer of both current and potential employees. Our aim is to attract, develop, and keep qualified and motivated people in a professional environment.

  • We aim to offer a safe and healthy working environment in all our operations.
  • We believe in equal opportunities, fairness and diversity. We recruit and promote on the basis of qualifications for the work to be performed, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, union membership and political opinion.
  • We recognize that employees have the right to choose whether or not to be represented by trade unions for purposes of collective bargaining. No discrimination shall be directed against any employee excercising such rights.
  • Under no circumstances will forced or compulsory labor be employed in our operations. We are strictly against child labor and other forms of exploitation of children. We do not employ any person under 15 years old, and adapt to local standards that specify a higher age minimum.
  • Each of us is expected to contribute to the group and our performance is rewarded in a fair way. Appraisals are made on an annual basis.
  • Our employees are continuously offered training and development possibilities to safeguard their chance to grow with the group. The goal is an average of 40 training hours per year for each employee.
  • We encourage a flow of information across divisional, functional and geographical borders to make full use of the group's available knowledge and experience.


We strive to be the preferred supplier to current and potential customers and end-users, which means that we should achieve the highest possible customer and market share.

  • We aim to deliver consistantly high-quality products and services that contribute to our customers' productivity and prosperity.
  • Our products and services are developed with the aim of meeting the quality, functionality, safety and environmental needs of our customers.
  • We operate worldwide with a long-term commitment to the customers in each country and market served, and we strive to develop close relationships with our customers in order to be able to continuously meet and exceed their expectations.


We strive to be the best associate for our distributors and to be the one that they prioritize.

  • We seek business partners whose policies regarding ethical, social and environmental issues are consistent with our own, and we make them aware of our commitments and expectations.
  • Distributors are selected and evaluated impartially on the basis of objective factors including quality, delivery, price, and reliability, as well as commitment to environmental and social performance, and development.