Are gas cylinders my only option for nitrogen?

Cylinders are SO last season. Save time, money and energy.

March 21, 2022

The simplest and satisfying answer is "Yes" however realistic answer is a big "NO". There are more options available than gas cylinders. Nitrogen is a common gas that is seen in a variety of industries and perfect for different functions. From food and beverages to addictive manufacturing, nitrogen gas has many uses. Having an on-site nitrogen generator can save you downtime, keep production going and actually save you money.

Did You Know?

At least 10% gas is left in a high pressure cylinder bottles. They can never be completely empty. - Have you thought about the large floor space needed to store those gas cylinders? - Frequent stopping when changing from one cylinder to another. That's the stop of production to change those tanks.

What are the advantages of on-site gas generation?

  • Round the clock availability - Gases are non-stop available
  • Lower operational costs: no rental charges, transport expenses and evaporation losses
  • No safety hazards when handling high-pressure cylinders
  • Easy integration within existing compressed air installations
  • The right purity for the right application
  • Returns on investment often less than two years

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Gas Generators

On-site nitrogen can be generated by PSA and by membrane technology