PDP Check M Mobile Dew Point Sensors

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Precise dew point measurement

Down to -80°Ctd

Quick response time

3.5" graphic display

Easy operation via touch screen

Integrated data logger

For storage of the measured values

USB interface

For reading out via USB stick

Calculates all necessary moisture parameters

Such as g/m³, mg/m³, ppm V/V, g/kg, °Ctd atm

2nd freely assignable sensor input

For third party sensors (only DP 510)


Up to 8 languages selectable

The mobile dew point meters PDP M and M Plus are ideal for

  • Compressed air: Examination of refrigeration, membrane and adsorption dryers
  • Technical gases: Residual moisture measurement in gases such as N2, O2 etc.
  • Plastic industry: Examination of granulate dryers

With the PDP M and M Plus gradients are displayed graphically and all physical parameters of the humidity measurement are calculated automatically. It can save up to 100 million readings.

Technical data PDP Check M/PDP Check M Plus


3.5“ Touch screen


Measuring range:


-20-+70°C 0-100 %rF



± 0,5°Ctd bei


Typ. ± 2°Ctd (remain. range)

Moisture parameters

g/m³, mg/m³, ppm V/V, g/kg,

°Ctdatm, %rF

Pressure range

-1-50 bar standard

-1-350 bar special version


USB interface

Data logger

8 GB SD memory card (100 millions values)


Power supply for sensors

Output voltage:

24 VDC ± 10%

Output current:

120 mA continuous operation


Power supply

Internal rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, approx 12 h continuous operation,

4 h charging time

Screw-in thread

G 1/2“ stainless steel

Ambient temperature



DIN EN 61326-1

Dew Point Sensors

Knowing the dew point of their compressed air allows users to dry it more efficiently while ensuring that it does not contain too much moisture. Dew sensors play an important role in this regard. They allow compressed air users to always keep an eye on the air’s dew point and to take the necessary steps to control it – all while only drying it as much as needed. And that can save a lot of energy.