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Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators allow companies to produce their own nitrogen instead of relying on third-party vendors. This offers wide-ranging benefits, such as lower costs, reduced logistics, and increased flexibility (for more on the many benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, go here). These generators are a very safe nitrogen solution and quickly pay for themselves

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A PSA nitrogen generator consist of two separate pressure vessels. It separates nitrogen and oxygen by using adsorption to get the oxygen molecules contained in compressed air to attach themselves to a carbon molecular sieve. At any time, one of the pressure vessels filters out the oxygen while the other is “regenerating,” which means that the oxygen that is attached to the sieve is removed.

Because PSA generators can produce nitrogen with a purity of 99.999%, they are an excellent choice for applications requiring such a high purity, including laser cutting, 3D printing, battery production, and food and beverage packaging. In addition, they require less compressed air than other technologies, which reduces their operating costs. However, they also require very clean and dry intake air, are not as easy to maintain, and require more space. 

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