Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air can contain a wide range of contaminants, from oil droplets to sand and dust particles. However small, these particles can cause downstream equipment malfunctions, product contamination, and other quality issues. Depending on your application, you may need compressed air filters to prevent air system quality, reliability, and efficiency problems. Pneumatech offers various types of compressed air filters to remove any type of contaminant.

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What is a compressed air filter?

As mentioned above, a compressed air filter removes contaminants that can be present in compressed air. Different filter types are available for different types of contaminants. For general applications, we provide oil coalescing, particulate and oil vapor filters in a range of flows and pressures. Pneumatech is also your partner for breathing air, silicone-free, sterile and process filtration.

The benefits of compressed air filters

For some industries, filtration is mandatory to ensure a high air quality and product integrity. For other, less critical applications, the benefits of filtration are still considerable:

Protect and improve your air system 

  • Remove oil and solid particles from the compressed air network at the source.
  • Protect sensitive instruments and pneumatic equipment from contamination.
  • Protect and increase the efficiency of your air dryers.


Assured air purity

  • High level of contaminant control.
  • Meet your required ISO 8573-1 class requirements.
  • Attention to contaminants that might appear during the compression and distribution of air.
Line filter exploded

The advantages of choosing Pneumatech filters

Our comprehensive line-up of filters is based on unique and proprietary enhanced media to efficiently reduce all types of contamination. Our best-in-class technology offers you a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced high-performance stainless steel filter cores ensure superior strength and safety.
  • New, enhanced media provide high filter efficiency, a low pressure drop and guaranteed lifetime performance.
  • Dust filters with large particulate capacity prolong filter lifetime.
  • Filter elements are designed to provide proper sealing.
  • Ease of use with push-on element.
  • Pneumatech filters are fully tested and compliant with latest ISO8573 and ISO12500 standards.
  • Pneumatech filters are independently validated by TÜV.

A range of filter grades and types

Pneumatech offers the following filter grades and types:


  • P – Coalescing and particulate general purpose pre-filters.
  • G – Coalescing filters for general purpose protection; remove solid particles and oil aerosols.
  • C – High-performance coalescing filters for general purpose protection; remove solid particles and oil aerosols.
  • S – Particulate filters for dust protection; remove solid particles.
  • D – High-performance particulate filters for dust protection; remove solid particles.
  • V – Oil vapor and odor removal filters.

A complete product range

Pneumatech offers a complete lineup of enhanced filtration systems and replacement elements.

Pneumatech air quality equipment - more than just filters

Pneumatech provides much more than top-quality compressed air filters. As the air treatment and gas generation specialist, we can meet all your compressed air quality and industrial gas needs. This includes a complete range of compressed air dryers and air quality measurement services.

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