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Pneumatech nitrogen generator aids in laser cutting process for Orion Hunting Products

Orion Hunting Products

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Orion Hunting Products is a supplier of premium hunting blinds and stands located in Iron Mountain Michigan.

Primarily focused on hunter safety and comfort, they are dedicated to providing hunting stands that allow hunters of all ages to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Nitrogen application

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Orion uses an Amada® CO2 laser to cut the metal components for the different models of hunting stands. They are typically cutting aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The nitrogen is used as a shielding gas for the laser. The nitrogen required for the shielding gas needed to be at a purity of 99.5%, a flow rate of 800 standard cubic feet per hour (scfh), and a pressure of approximately 150 psi.

For several years Orion had been using racks of high-pressure bottles provided by a local bulk nitrogen supplier. The racks of bottles were expensive and due to supply chain issues the delivery had become unreliable causing production delays. The racks were very heavy and required a lift to swap them out when they ran out of nitrogen. The used rack had to be disconnected and a new rack connected to resume cutting introducing air and contaminates into the system which could damage the system. The racks, and associated space required for moving them, took up valuable floor space next to the laser and loading dock.


Pneumatech supplied an on-site nitrogen system capable of providing the required nitrogen while eliminating the pitfalls associated with the bottle racks.  The system begins with a 20 horsepower compressor with an integrated refrigerated dryer, to remove moisture, and 120 gallon storage tank.  The air is then filtered by a series of coalescing and adsorbing filters to remove any impurities from the air stream.  The air enters the generator where it is monitored for quality to protect the generator.  Next, the generator removes oxygen and moisture from the air stream using a high-quality carbon molecular sieve. This produces dry, high-quality nitrogen which leaves the generator and is stored in a buffer tank.  Before the nitrogen is sent to the lase,r it is filtered one more time and re-enters the generator so the correct purity, pressure, and flow can be maintained and monitored by the Purelogic controller.  The nitrogen is then sent to the laser for shield gas. 

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Pneumatech filters
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The benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

Generating your own nitrogen offers many benefits.

  • Full control of the nitrogen generation – no more production delays due to supply chain issues.
  • Increased productivity – On demand nitrogen and no more racks to swap out.
  • Reliability – On site system is never opened preventing contamination of the laser.
  • Increased production area – New system is on a mezzanine away from the production floor.
  • Cost savings – Bottles were costing the customer approximately $52,000 a year.  With the Pneumatech system they are currently running they will have a less than 1 year return on investment.
Nitrogen generation solution

Customer testimonial

“We were paying $1000 a week for high pressure bottles.  Now we are paying several dollars a day for energy costs to run the new system.  Our return on investment will be less than one year. We’ve also saved floor space, don’t have to swap tanks, and have had no issues associated with pressure drop as the tanks began to run out of nitrogen. We couldn’t be happier.  Everything worked just as they said it would and they were able to answer any questions we had.”

Cole Welch, Operations Engineer, Orion Hunting Products

Nitrogen Generators

Producing your own nitrogen is the smart professional choice. Using an on-site nitrogen generator is more cost-efficient, dependable and sustainable than gas deliveries. Find out how an N2 generator works, and what its uses and benefits are.